A New Circle

So! This week I was *finally* able to visit the songwriter’s circle up in Carrboro, NC. It was well worth the trip!

Carrboro is 90 minutes from Fayetteville, and the songwriters usually meet up only 30 minutes after I get off work. This week, though, the stars aligned so that I was able to make it to most of the meeting. (It helps that I made the March work schedule, so I could give the stars a bit of a nudge.)

Everyone was full of ideas and constructive feedback.Being around people who are passionate about making music can be inspiring; when you get a room full of them, their passion is contagious. I’ve seriously missed that kind of environment. It’s a lot harder to come by in Fayetteville than in Pittsburgh.

I was content to sit and listen, since I’d dashed in a good 30 minutes late minus a keyboard. But the host, Michael, noticed me hiding in the back and invited me to play. I didn’t have anything new prepared, so I shared “Moonflower Lullaby” off of my album Indigo Shades. I might have mentioned Indigo Shades once or twice on this blog. 😉

One good tip: I learned that the songwriters circle is run by the NC Songwriter’s Co-op. The Co-op’s function seems similar to that of the Songwriter’s Circle back in Pittsburgh: networking, hosting special performances, helping members find gigs in the area, etc.

The area is a bit far for me, but I think I’m still going to join! They seem like a good group of people, and I hope I make it up to play with them more often.^_^


Snowfall (December Moon) Teaser

And here — finally — is a teaser for “Snowfall,” the fifth and final track off my album Indigo Shades!

The album had a soft release after Christmas, with only 20 copies that all got scooped up by February. Awesome!

These days I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way to get to the next 80 copies, which have left the studio and are now sitting in a box in my parents’ house in Pittsburgh. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, now is a good time to get in touch with me about buying a copy! Otherwise you may have to wait until I visit the ‘rents in June.

Til then you have your lovely teasers!



Moonflower Lullaby Teaser

Welp. Guess I wasn’t as back as I thought I was. Let’s pick up where we left off with Moonflower Lullaby!

Fractals Teaser

Time to share another song from my upcoming album Indigo Shades! Here is “Fractals…”

Threnody Teaser

The teaser for “Threnody” is out!

You can listen to “Threnody” in full, but with less accompaniment, on my music page.

Icarus Teaser

Teaser time!

Here’s a 20 second clip of “Icarus,” the first track on my upcoming album:

I’ll be sharing a new teaser each week until the album comes out. Enjoy!

A Return

I’m back on this blog, hopefully posting more regularly again. The album is almost done. I just got the cover sketches back from Jess Starwood, the artist who designed my beautiful logo, and the album cover looks like it will be just as gorgeous. Look for it around Christmas!

This has been … a rough year. I make no secret of the fact that I struggle with anxiety/depression, and 2016 in particular has been a struggle. Sometimes I hit rough patches that inspire creativity, and sometimes I hit rough patches where I just want to curl up in a ball and turn off everything in my brain. This year has been more of the latter.

I hope that particular period of my life is over, but we’ll see. Life, as always, goes by a day at a time. In the meantime, I’m proud to be finally pushing my album through to completion. I’m really in love with how fantastic it sounds (note: I may be just a little biased). So look for more updates on “Indigo Shades” in the coming weeks!

Happy Holidays, friends! It’s nice to be back.

Final Recording Has Happened!

The album is in the process of being mastered, and I am in the process of getting artwork for the physical CD. Eventually it will also be available for purchase online, but I have to work out the details. And honestly I get more excited about having a physical CD to hold (because in my head it’s still 1999 :p).

As an aside, I have no video of the dance competition for you, but I did participate. Y’all should know that I kicked butt and won first place! (First place in the beginner level is still a first place,right? Maybe I will even graduate to Level 2 next year!)

Final Recording is Happening!

My final recording is tentatively planned for May 29th, but definitely happening Memorial Day weekend. The harmonies for “Snowfall” are coming along nicely and the harmonies for “Icarus” are … well, they’re coming along, anyway. Definitely on track to finish in April and then have a month to practice!

You guys I am so excited!

I am basically famous!

Me at Piano 5

I made it into the news again because that is just how I do.

Ok, so really I bumbled my way into an open stage full of fantastic people, and a reporter was there to see the fantastic people. But she took my picture for the paper, and doesn’t it look spiffy?!

The open stage was Hope Mills: Unplugged, which they hold once a month at Cumberland Coffee Roasters. It’s a fun, cozy little space!

You can read the article here!


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